Hooker Monologues

Show Bulletin
Volume 2, Number 1
Version 2.1: The Hooker Monologues – June 13-17 2017, Firehall Arts Centre

The cast and crew of the Hooker Monologues (HKR) production send warm greetings to all. The HKR Bulletin brings you an update on our work for our next instalment of the Hooker Monologues. We grow more and more excited as each day goes by in preparation for the next vision!

Version 2.1 previews on June 13th and tickets to our seven performances – June 13-17th - are on sale now. Opening night is June 13th. One important way you can support the Hooker Monologues is by buying your tickets soon. Tickets are available at the Firehall box office.

Our reduced cast of a 4-woman troupe, under the expert direction of Mindy Parfitt, has spent the past year developing new ideas and narratives from our broad collective of sex workers that will bring you straight into the world of sex workers and the people who love them. Development of the new show is well under way, and we’ll begin to stage the show with the new exciting pieces shortly. We’ll decide on voice and movement and choose images and music. We continue to  learn about blocking and cues from up stage and down. In June, our audiences will see us entering stage right offering true, honest to the core, leading-edge theatre!

We’ve also very busy raising money to cover expenses. A huge thank-you goes to our donors who have already supported us thus far. We would like to thank our supporters: sex workers, allies and support organizations, and our partners of the previous years show of 2016: RainCity Housing and Support Society and the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Last year's show would not have been possible without grants from Community Art’s Council for Vancouver, the City of Vancouver Art’s Fund. 

Everything costs money – theatre is certainly no exception!

We still need to raise funds to reach our goal of $25, 000 to cover expenses and pay our tremendously generous crew of theatre professionals. Please contribute to our GoFundMe campaign and support our trailblazing Hooker Monologues production.  
And finally, CBC’s ‘The National’ produced an award winning documentary about our show. Click HERE for a sneak peek. We look forward to seeing you in June for laughter, tears and inspiration!

Someone you know is a sex worker …

"Challenging Stigma and Dispelling Myths"

  • Prepare to be shocked, seduced, educated, entertained, and electrified. 
  • We are experienced at arousing...curiosity! 
  • Join us for a emotional adventure. 
  • You may even find yourself sexually liberated forever.

HKR Monologues Mission

The Hooker Monologues project is a creative, theatrical platform for experiential people and allies to share our experiences in and with the sex industry and for our voices to be heard on our own terms.

Our mission is to engage the general public with  stories, to open their eyes to the wide-ranging experience that makes up sex work, and through doing so, to decrease stigma and encourage support for decriminalization.

  How We Came to Be

We are a group of sex worker rights advocates with diverse sex industry experience. 

Our members are:
  • service providers
  • advocates and activists
  • writers
  • educators
  • researchers, and (of course)...
  • sex workers

Combined, we have 110 years’ experience in community support services and 101.5 years’ experience in sex work.

We are employees, board members and/or founders of the civic organizations listed below. We draw our expertise in sex work-related community development from work within the following organizations:

Our Objectives

The Hooker Monologues project has several population-specific and community objectives:
  • To bring together a broad network of sex workers and allies to work creatively toward the advancement of sex worker rights, voice, leadership, empowerment healing, community development and public education;
  • To provide safe and creative ways for sex workers and allies to share the impacts of ever-changing personal, social and structural forces that affect sex work involvement, decision-making, employment/employability and civil engagement;
  • To increase competencies and financial literacy among sex workers and allies through their leadership and management of this annual profit-sharing/cost recovery venture;
  • To reduce social stigma that leads to the social rejection, and the denial of sex workers’ agency and opportunities for self-determination;
  • To dispel myths about the sex industry that skew perceptions about sex workers and prevent their full access to employment, housing, health services, legal supports and deprive them of human rights, labour rights and civil liberties.

A Sincere THANK YOU to our partners, supporters and funders!